Residential locksmith

Opening different doors is our daily routine – we can come to open them when needed, because our masters work every day and 24 hours a day. If you are surprised by a faulty door lock and do not know how to enter or leave your home, let us know and we will come to help! As long as your home is in Riga or Riga district (50 – 100 km around), we will be able to help at any time of the day!

In order to open the door quickly and without misunderstandings, first prepare documents proving that you are the tenant or owner of the respective home. For the locksmithing of a door to be legal and justified, our specialists need to be sure that it is open to the right people.

We are doing door locksmith more than 30 years. Over the last decades, we have come across so many different doors that our masters are able to handle any lock and any type of door. Whether your home is protected by durable metal doors with several locks or luxurious wooden doors – our team will open them gently and quickly. As we use only professional and high-quality tools, the door does not suffer significantly during opening.

It is better not to try to open it on your own. Sometimes in a hurry, people damage a good door by trying to break it in and open it on their own. SOS service specialists will do it much better and more professionally without causing you any losses. When opening the door professionally, the traces of the completed work are practically not noticeable.

Of course, the more complicated the lock and the more secure the door, the more time it will take to open, but there are no locks that cannot be dealt with. All locks are openable, all you need is experience and skill to unlock them.

Opening the door is a common failure and can happen to anyone:

– lost key;

– faulty/stuck lock;

– mechanical damage.

These are just some of the possible scenarios for calling our locksmiths. Situations happen in all kinds, but in such moments it is important to receive fast and high-quality service. Call us now and we will help you as soon as possible!


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