Opening safes

Opening a safe is a real challenge, because it is not for nothing that these safety cabinets are designed so that only the owner of the safe can access their contents. Opening safes requires a lot of time and patience, as well as knowledge and understanding of the structure of safes. Each type of safe and the adjustments made by the manufacturer are different. Our masters annually update their knowledge and supplement it with the accumulated experience in the industry to find the best solution for opening any safe.

The types of safes are very different – depending on their level of security and durability, the duration and complexity of their opening also varies. In addition, it should be taken into account that knowledgeable masters will know and try to open the safe without making permanent defects. For example, using saws and cutting holes in a safe completely damages the safe and you can no longer use it. Skilled masters will learn to open the safe by making very small holes in the required places or in the version of electronic locks – finding how to reprogram the lock code.

The more in-depth and extensive the knowledge of the construction of safes, the more suitable techniques can be found by the master to open the safe so that neither the safe nor the objects in it are damaged during opening. We keep very valuable things in the safe, which we want to protect not only from thieves, but also from fire and the outside environment, and it is not for nothing that one of the most popular safes is fireproof safes, which protect valuable documents and valuables even in a fire. However, such safes can also be accessed as long as the necessary knowledge, skills and experience are available.

If it happens that the door of your safe is stuck or locked and the key is lost, be sure to contact our specialists, who will help to open it again. Whether you use a safe with a mechanical key or an electronic key, whether they are fireproof, disk safes or with multiple levels of protection, our specialists will find a way to open the safe as quickly and safely as possible. Before opening the safe, you only need to present documents proving that the relevant safe belongs to you. We working  in Riga and around Riga, helping to open all kinds of safes more than 30 years.

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