Door repair

A broken lock is the most common signal that a door needs to be repaired. But other times it is also encouraged by the desire to restore the appearance of the home, change the color of the door or improve the condition of the door. The most common needs are replacing or lubricating the door hinges, replacing the door frame or restoring the surface by repainting or gluing the door with decorative film.

Many peope worried about repair the door, because they think that during the repair the home will be left without a door and protection for a long time, but if you choose our help, we will make all the necessary repairs in one day! Before renovating the door, we will coordinate your wishes, but then on the agreed day we will arrive very early to take the door to our employees, where knowledgeable and skilled specialists will take care of your door. Already in the evening the door will be back, a new look and much safer.

When we checking the condition of the door, we can recommend the best locks, so that the door not only looks better than before, but also is much more secure and reliable. Manufacturers make improvements to their lock systems every year, so the newer and more modern the lock, the less likely it is that potential burglars will be able to break it. Think about security!

If the exterior door needs to be renovated, for example, a metal door with insulated layers inside it, we will also check the filling of the door during maintenance and we will renew or replace it. We will also take care of renewing the rubber around the door to prevent cracks and noise, restore the paint or glue the decorative layer, sand the gaps, if any, and in the case of metal doors, treat with protective agents that prevent rusting and other defects.

New doors will be expensive, and finding doors in the perfect size and design can be a big challenge, so if you see that your home door is worn out, don’t rush to look for new ones right away. Regular maintenance and repairs are probably enough for them. We can definitely help. Contact us, tell us about your door and its defects, and we will provide advice and suggestions on how to improve the door so that it meets your needs again! We will do everything quickly and we will extending the life of your door for several years!

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