Car locksmith

Accidental locking of the car, leaving a key inside, a small child stays in the car or damaged car electronics – situations when it is necessary to open the car are very different. This problem can affect each of us, whether we are driving a car which you get from yours grandfather since 1970 or the latest and most modern car. Our masters will be able to deal with the door of any car.

There are many different reasons why a car door may fail or stuck. It can be a technical problem in the car handle or inside the lock, or a short circuit in the car’s elctric wires, or a key left accidentally inside the car. But no one can’t escape from this situation. Even a new car in good condition can have an unexpected door lock fault, for example if the car battery is dead.

The passenger door or ant other door of the car can also  stuck or get elctrical fault, but the most problematic is when the whole car is locked and we can no longer enter it. It is even more dangerous if your heating are turned on in the car, because babies in the car can become hot, panic or endanger themselves. Sometimes, if the risk is too high, many prefer to smash car windows, but this is not the safest solution. If you are in or near Riga, we will be able to come to the rescue in a relatively short time and open the car with much safer methods, without damaging the car, the cabin or passengers stuck in the car.

The car is valuable and important for every driver, so in the event of a door fault, we always think not only about how to open the door faster, it is equally important that the car does not suffer more during this procedure and is not damaged even more. 

Sometimes the cause of the door jam can be eliminated with minor repairs to the electronic wires, other times lubrication of the handles or minor repairs to the lock mechanism will help. Our masters will evaluate the situation and make a decision based on both the car model and the signs of the problem.

It will take knowledge, precision and patience to open a car, but our masters can be proud of all these qualities. In addition, you will need proof from you that you own the car.

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